Comprehensive Insurance of motors

The policy undertakes to indemnify the loss or damage suffered by the insured private car and its parts during the period of insurance within the geographical area of the State of Kuwait, as a result of: Collision or Overturning Accident, Fire or Self-combustion and External Explosion, burglary or Theft, Fault or deliber- ate act of third party, except when breach of trust or fraud is involved.


The policy covers the insured's legal liability towards third parties in respect of bodily injuries and/or property dam- age resulting from motor accidents caused by the insured car. The insured company will pay all legally binding court awards )compensation amounts( which the insurance becomes liable to pay to third parties only in accordance with policy terms, conditions and exclusions.


Listed under this line of insurance number of policies designed to provide the maximum insurance protection for the insured's properties in the event of unforeseen accidental loss and/or material damage resulted from an insured peril.

Properties are defined as:

  • Buildings of various construction used for residential, commercial or indus- trial activities.
  • Contents: of Warehouses, Industrial Units, Residential apartments or villas or any other content owned by the Insured and or held in the insured's care, control and custody.

Fire Insurance Policy

Types of policies

This policy covers Insured's property (buildings& Contents) against loss or damage directly caused by:
  • Fire and/or lightning.
  • Additional Coverages :-The compensation for loss or damage resulting from the following perils:
    1. Explosion
    2. Impact of vehicles belongs to others.
    3. Falling aircraft and /or other aerial devices and /or articles dropped there- from.
    4. Riots, Strike and Malicious Damage.
    5. Automatic Sprinkler Leakage.
    6. Storm, Tempest, Flood and/or Water damage.
    7. Loss of Profit and Standing Charges (Consequential Loss Extension).
    8. Legal Liability toward neighbors and landlords.
    9. Loss of Rent.

Fidelity Guarantee:

This policy covers the infidelity or dishonesty of employee's subject to the exclusions of the policy due to act of Forgery or Embezzle- ment, Larceny and/or Fraudulent Conversion.

Householder's Protection Policy:

This policy tailored to provide extended insurance coverage to the Insured residential (Owned or rented, a Villa or an apartment) against wide range of perils as listed:
  1. Fire and Lightning.
  2. Explosion of gas cylinders and pips or boilers used for domestic purposes.
  3. Falling aircraft and /or other aerial devices and /or articles dropped therefrom.
  4. Sandstorm, hurricane and flash floods.
  5. Bursting of fresh water pipes and /overflowing of water tanks.
  6. Impact of vehicle not belonging to or under the custody or posses- sion of the insured or any of his family members or those residing with the insured.
  7. Theft by forced entry, break in attempts causing damage, and climbing or drilling a hole.
  8. Loss of Rent: The Company will indemnify the insured for the cost of renting another house or Hotel as long as it falls within the rent allowance of his own house, or similar rent In case of a fire accident.
  9. Liability towards the Owner and Lessor: The Company will indemni- fy the insured for the judgment delivered against him by the Court as a result of his responsibility towards the owner of the leased house for any loss or damage occurring during the period of Insurance.


If you are a person who travels frequently for business or leisure travel insurance can help you travel with no worries. Travel insurance covers personal accidents, loss of passport, baggage or money loss, Travel Delay, Baggage Delay, medical and related expenses


Employment related accidents are a part of every business activity, especially where manual labor is in- volved. Under the Kuwait labor law, every employer is liable to pay compensation to their employees to- wards death or injuries or disease or disabilities sustained by the employees from work-related accidents. The law provides for the quantum of compensation payable for various eventualities such as death / dis- ability etc.


on this type of insurance cover include: loss or damages to the hull )yacht( due to perils such as: fire, piracy, other sea perils and liabilities for collision or as well as indemnity coverage.


Many institutions require medical insurance for their people but do not provide it. With the rise of health- care prices, it is essential to have healthcare insurance to be safe. Healthcare insurance is not only for corporate personals; it is crucial for an individual or family